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Writing Competition 2015 – POPO ISKANDAR WRITING COMPETITION 2015


We want to invite you to participate in a writing competition. The focus is on teachers, specillay from West Java, to express their opinion and views on the existence of fine arts museum and its correlation with education.Further information can be viewed on the poster below or visit :https ; // ruangbacapopoiskandar.wordpress.comor e – mail to :popoiskandarwritingcompetition@gmail.com



Griya Seni Popo Iskandar dan Ruang Baca Popo Iskandar mengundang partisipasi segenap para guru khususnya yang berdomisili di wilayah Jawa Barat untuk menuangkan gagasan serta pandangannya terhadap keberadaan museum seni rupa dan korelasinya dengan dunia pendidikan dalam program kompetisi menulis essai khusus guru – Popo Iskandar Writing Competition 2015.

informasi lebih lanjut bisa di lihat pada poster di bawah ini atau kunjungi:


atau e-mail ke:


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