Sharing meeting @ Kedai Keblasuk

Do you like helping others? Do you have experience or would you like to start from scratch?

There is a meeting tomorrow at Kedai Keblasuk starting at 6 pm. The idea is to meet other like-minded people, make new friends and share interesting experiences.

Talking about Kedai Keblasuk, did you know that they also have a weekly language exchange on Thursdays? It is an excellent opportunity to polish your English skills.

Mari berbincang tentang pengalaman membantu orang lain.

It is a free event



Selamat Datang, Welcome friends!

We are super glad we are finally online.

We want to share experiences, stories and make you feel part of our community.

We will be publishing content in Bahasa Indonesia/Malay and English.

We love Asia, and we have an amazing friendship with Indonesia.

Our team are incredible women from Asia, South America, Indonesia and Australia, and we want to thank every one of them for making this site possible.

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Love, Team


Image Creative Commons by Luke Mac